The Story

FOUNDED in 2017,YOUMI BEAUTYis a cosmetic brand that focuses on embracing the most beautiful version of you. Catering to the fierce Arab woman, YOUMI BEAUTY's founder, the Lebanese Youmna Khoury, created a product that pushes forth the idea of self love. Seeing as a majority of Youmna’s fan-base are from the GCC, and she is highly known for the beauty of her own lashes, hair, and lenses, her followers were constantly asking her for product recommendations, and quickly, her opinion became extremely credible. With this thought in mind, Youmna launched her own brand, initially catering to the Middle East. Due to the strong relationship she built with her followers, Youmna was keen on being involved throughout every step of the process.

Youmi Beauty

Since her followers sought after her look, Youmna wanted to create something she loves and products that she would use on herself. Her strong attention to detail and her experience with international high-end brands has allowed her to create something with an international standard, delivering only the best quality to YOUMI BEAUTY's customers. Due to the many compliments she received online raving about her eyes, YOUMI BEAUTY's first product launch consisted of only contact lenses. After receiving positive feedback from her customers and followers, Youmna decided to add to the brand by adding lashes and hair extensions.

YOUMI BEAUTY  continues to grow with the help of Youmna’s strong social media presence and the exceptional customer feedback on our products. As of 2020, YOUMI BEAUTY has been based in the UAE, offers worldwide shipping, and has been featured in Al Magazine. While YOUMI BEAUTY is set to grow on a global scale, the brand never loses sight of its Lebanese heritage. Which is why Youmna has started the YOUMI BEAUTY  Charity Foundation which focuses on giving back to childrens’ orphanages, charities aiding the disabled, and countries in need, with a current focus on Lebanon. As the brand continues to grow, YOUMI BEAUTY  remains committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of beauty products and giving back to the community.