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Ash Blonde - Ponytail Hair Extension

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YOUMI BEAUTY Ponytails are hand processed using 100% natural human hair that are highly durable and heat resistant up to 400F.

Weight: ±180 Grams / 6.34 oz 

Length: ±88 cm

Style: Wrap

How to use :

Step 1: Brush your own hair into a smooth ponytail.

Step 2: Unroll the Velcro, insert 3-prong clip onto the top of your head at the base of your ponytail.

Step 3: Wrap the extension pony around your own pony using the wrapping strand.

Step 4: Add bobby pins and hairspray, if needed at the base and flaunt your new look


The YOUMI BEAUTY Hair Extensions Carrier allows you to safely store your Hair Extensions. The Hair Extension Carrier will improve the lifespan of your Hair Extensions by providing extra protection while they are not in use.

Hair Extension Carrier is also great for traveling and will insure your Hair Extensions are secure. The YOUMI BEAUTY Hair Extension Carrier features a linen zip up closure. It can hold extensions up to 35 inches long.

The YOUMI BEAUTY Hair Extensions Hanger allows you to safely store your Hair Extensions without worrying about them getting tangled. The Hair Extension hanger is ideal for safely storing your Hair Extensions. It is also essential when washing and cleaning your BELLAMI Hair Extensions. It allows you to quickly air dry or blow dry your extensions. The YOUMI BEAUTY Hair Extension Hanger features a 9 inch by 1 inch clamp

YOUMI BEAUTY offers a range of premium hair extension products, including the illustrious Clip In Hair Extensions, renowned for their superior quality and effortless elegance. Catering to an international clientele, YOUMI BEAUTY takes pride in making these luxurious extensions available across the globe, with a keen focus on serving countries in the Middle East such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Oman. Whether you're seeking to enhance your natural beauty or experiment with a new style, YOUMI BEAUTY provides the perfect match for your hair needs with a commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.