La Special - Light Green Color

Dhs. 145.00 AED

Power: - 1

- 1
- 1.5
- 2
- 2.5
- 3
- 3.5
- 4
- 4.5
- 5
- 5.5
- 6
- 6.5
- 7
- 7.5
- 8
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Get your dream eyes color instantly with YOUMI BEAUTY Lenses! Made from the highest international standard and the best of quality,  YOUMI BEAUTY brings you a wide range of seven carefully selected shades to bring out your beauty. Combining comfort, practicality and beauty, our lenses can be altered to come with power, making them perfect for everyday use. Pair with the  YOUMI BEAUTY Lens Solution for perfect harmony and rock your new color!

A soft forest green with a golden speck, SPECIAL is a beautiful exotic shade with a touch of warmth and excitement.

Application Instruction:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Ensure that the lenses are facing their proper application side.
  3. Lift your eyelid and apply to your eyes gently with a single finger.
  4. Roll your eyes backwards.

To ensure product longevity, we recommend using our YOUMI BEAUTY Lens Solution in a sealed immersion technique within the lens case. Replace the lens solution daily to ensure product cleanliness.

Stay away from high temperatures and do not wear your lenses for longer than 9 hours.

  • Do not sleep while wearing your lenses.
  • Stay away from exposure to heat.
  • Always make sure your eyes are hydrated before application.
  • Make sure that lenses are stored in the YOUMI BEAUTYLens Solution when not in use.